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FCHS Healthcare Science Program Wins ETC Ignite Grant
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Wednesday, March 07, 2018
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Fannin County High School's Healthcare Science Program students Josh Taylor, Lillyanna Ballew, Amber York, and Emily Waldrep with technology support from Nelson Soriero and Steven Setser were one of the 16 finalist for the $10,000 ETC Ignite Grant and one of four finalist for the 9th-12th grade category. On Tuesday, March 6th the Healthcare Science Program took 1st place winning the $10,000 ETC Ignite Grant for their submission to introduce their school to the Microsoft Hololens. The Microsoft Hololens is essentially a holographic computer built into a headset that allows students to see, hear and interact with your surroundings. With the Hololen's easy to use technology at just the wave of a hand students can extract individual elements from the periodic table or analyze each individual organ system of the human anatomy in their own way. In class students will be able to put on the Microsoft headset and interact on an individual or a whole class level. Teachers can also wear the Hololens and connect with their students to enhance the students' understanding of the concept during a lesson. This student-led project will help change the face of education beyond a textbook and bring education to life.

Thank you to ETC and the Harrison Foundation for this amazing opportunity for our students, and for inspiring so many young minds in our community to Ignite their education.

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