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TVA Employees Donate $5,000 to Fannin County Robotics Program
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Thursday, September 15, 2016
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Charles Spencer, representing Tennessee Valley Authority, Erik Brinke, representing Blue Ridge Mountain EMC, and David Lewis, representing Tri State EMC presented a check for $5,000 to Robert Ensley from the Fannin County School System.  The $5,000 donation was made by the employees of Tennessee Valley Authority.  The purpose of the donation is to fund robotics education in the Fannin County School System.  Each of the 5 schools will receive $1000 of the funding, and it will be used to purchase robotics equipment and pay for competitions.  In addition to the $5,000 grant, TVA will also be providing the funds to register robotics teams and purchase competition equipment.

Fannin County High School is active in the VEX Robotics competitions, and this will allow them to increase the number of teams that participate in the competitions this year.  The high school TSA chapter has been active in VEX Robotics for several years, and one of the teams competed in the State Championship match at Jekyll Island last year.  The high school is represented at the signing by Hunter Alexander, the President of the High School TSA Chapter.

According to Bubba Gibbs, Engineering Teacher at Fannin County High School, “The robotics program at the high school has grown tremendously over the last few years.  Through SPLOST funds, we have been able to purchase multiple robotics kits, and our teams are getting stronger and stronger each year.  The TVA funding will allow us to supplement our current robotics inventory and improve our ability to compete.”

“I am excited to see more robotics added into our school system.  The Lego EV3 Robots can be used to teach elementary school students the basics of robotics and computer programming.  This is the same robot that is used to teach entry level computer science courses at The Georgia Institute of Technology, so the students are building the foundations for the STEM careers of the future through this program.”

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