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FCMS/FCHS Sports Website
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016
Fannin County Middle School and Fannin County High School Sports

Fannin County High School and Fannin County Middle School are excited to announce a new means of communication between Fannin County School System Faculty & Staff and parents, students, student athletes, and the community for the 2016-2017 school year.  The school has launched a new websitewww.fanninrebels.orgthat will cover all FCHS and FCMS athletics. The website has a section covering each sport including a page for the schedule which will be updated with scores, a page for the coaches with contact information, a page for the team roster, a team picture page, a page for team news, a page for team files including the FCCS Permission and Release Form, FCHS Drug Screening Form and GHSA Physical Form, and more pages.  


The features of the new site to FCCS Faculty & Staff, students, parents and the community include the following:

  • Check the website (and/or receive emails and text messages) to see if a game or practice has been cancelled

  • Check the website for directions to a particular school field

  • Download forms, sign-up sheets, rules and regulations, and more

  • Easily surf the game schedules for the entire school through a calendar view

  • Access rosters, schedules, team news and important notices about local school athletics

  • Surf through sports pictures

  • Easily find contact information for all coaches and coaching staff



With the new site, everyone will be able to keep up to date on FCHS and FCMS sports. Signing up for the emails and text alerts is totally free. Users that sign up for alerts are able to choose which sports they would like to receive the alerts for when they register. If a user would like to receive alerts for every sport, they have that option as well.  Also each user has the option to sign up for either emails, text messages, or both. To sign up for the alerts, simply go to and click on Email Alerts.  After the user has signed up, they also have the option of uploading pictures for possible use on the site.  We hope the community will help support the FCSS Athletic Department by sharing their sports pictures with us.


There is also an app available for Android and iPhone users.  The cost of the app is $1.99.  20% of the app purchase is donated to the FCHS Athletic program.   


We would like to thank Jerry Daves from Allstar Photo Services for the photographs and assistance he has provided for the new site. 

FCHS and FCMS are very excited about the new website and looks forward to seeing it continue to grow. 

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